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Frequently Asked Questions about P1 Smart Sports Watch

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Frequently Asked Questions about P1 Smart Sports Watch

Q1: Why does P1 sometimes fail to measure fatigue?
A: I can't measure it. Sometimes the skin on my wrist or fingers is too dry. I can try to get wet, and then I can measure it again.

Q2: Is P1 waterproof?
A: It is 50M waterproof, can not wear bath hot water, water vapor damage to any waterproof equipment is unknown, in order to ensure the normal operation of equipment, please avoid contact with hot water;

Q3: After the APP is connected, will epo upgrade progress during synchronization?
A: The epo upgrade is a GPS positioning assistant. From time to time updates will effectively assist P1 positioning.
Q4: How to improve heart rate accuracy during exercise?

A: The new happy rate of 10 seconds before the exercise will be more accurate, if the rejoicing rate during exercise may take about 30 seconds to adapt to the time;

Q5: What is a fatigue test?
A: Fatigue testing is a tool to monitor training and restore balance. The fatigue test calculates the heart rate variability (HRV) calculated from the collected ECG raw data, and the HRV can reflect the functional changes of the autonomic nervous system induced by training and develop individualized exercise prescriptions. The results of heart rate variability may be influenced by external factors such as stress, sleep, underlying diseases, environmental changes (temperature, altitude, etc.). Long-term follow-up can help you optimize training and prevent overtraining;

Q6: Why do you have to do a fatigue test?
A: Sports injuries are mostly caused by overtraining. Fatigue tests can help you prevent excessive training, improve training efficiency and ensure sports safety. The heart rate variability measured in the fatigue test is a good indicator of autonomic nervous system disorders, which can lead to sympathetic nervous system excitement due to fatigue or overtraining.

Q7: What are the considerations for testing fatigue?
A: Individual differences in the response of heart rate variability to fatigue and training are always different. It is better to measure your own fatigue value over a long period of time, and compare the measured fatigue value with yourself.
It is recommended that a baseline test be conducted first, that the value of 4 to 6 heart rate variability measurements be continuously measured within 2 weeks, and that the mean value of this data be used as a personal standard value. Two weeks of benchmarking should maintain the amount of daily exercise, rather than the amount of time or rest;

Q8: In order to ensure the accuracy of the data, what should be followed in the test process?
A: Wear a heart rate sensor.
1, should remain relaxed and calm.
2. You can lie in bed, sit or stand in a relaxed position. This pose must always be the same during your test.
3. There should be no noise (such as televisions, radios, or telephones) and no one else can talk to you.
4. To make the test results comparable, it is recommended to conduct regular tests at the same time of the day (after waking in the morning).
5, the test process, hands relaxed, stable, do not move. Excessive force or movement of the hand may interfere with the acquisition of the ECG signal, resulting in inaccurate data.

Q9: What does the numerical value of the fatigue test represent?
A: The fatigue value is the HRV time domain index Ln rMMSD obtained by calculating the R-R interval of the acquired ECG signal. In order to facilitate the understanding of the user, corresponding conversions are made for numerical values. Fatigue degree interval reference definition:
very good
it is good
very bad
It is recommended that the user compare the relative changes in personal fatigue data with the amount of exercise.

Q10: I set up my GPS and I was in an empty place. Why is the GPS still blinking?
A: Because the first use of GPS requires calibration, it takes a long time. Please wait patiently. After that, GPS positioning will be faster. Moreover, the first time you need to locate, you need to connect Ego Assistant to upgrade epo-assisted positioning.

Q11: After P1 is connected to the APP, can I directly check the GPS track and sleep data on the APP?
A: In addition to the need to connect the APP, but also need to open the GPS positioning and Epo in advance on the APP when P1 movement, and need to open the data or WIFI connection on the server to assist the cloud computing data;

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